Sangeeta Kilachand

Inspired by India’s vibrant colours and rich textile heritage, Sangeeta Kilachand seamlessly blends old-world charm with modern royalty in her designs. Drawing from a passion for fashion since her youth, she fearlessly incorporates local artisanal embroideries and techniques that time has nearly forgotten.

Despite lacking formal training, Sangeeta cultivated her craft through extensive travel and a deep curiosity for ancient art, architecture, and folklore. Her brand, Sangeeta Kilachand Heritage Clothing, is dedicated to revitalising forgotten techniques, preserving regal elegance one stitch at a time.

Having spent decades researching India’s textile and design industry and amassing a collection of antique textiles, Sangeeta focuses on creating timeless pieces with unparalleled quality and traditional craftsmanship. Her designs are meticulously researched, inspired, and crafted, emphasising uniqueness, silhouette, and fabric.

Sangeeta’s strongest inspirations come from the Kutch Bhuj regions of Gujarat, particularly the marodi embroidery showcased on her signature abhas. This embroidery, featuring handmade gold thread on luxurious fabrics, reflects the traditional costume of Kutch. The studio’s creations pay homage to ancient times when Kutch women wore tie and dye abhas with intricate zari, using fabrics like atlas of Gajji or fine Chinese silk.

Sangeeta Kilachand Heritage Clothing strives to combine the luxury and decadence of Maharaja era, raw handicrafts, traditional treasures with contemporary design values and unmatched aesthetics The result is a collection of beautiful pieces that not only reflect unmatched aesthetics but also stand the test of time.